Spirit Connections aim is to promote the teachings and philosophy of Spiritualism in Ireland and provide a place of peace, harmony and learning to those that wish to develop their Spiritual abilities, in an environment that is safe and filled with open-mindedness. Spirit Connections objective is to help you build confidence with what you believe with your own spiritual growth and understanding


What is mediumship?

Mediumship is when communication from those that have passed away into Spirit is relayed to another living person. This is established through a person known as a Medium, who is sensetive to the influences of Spirit through what is commonly known as the 6th sense. This 6th sense is actually made up of three main Spiritual senses of ClairvoyanceClairaudienceClairsentience which are extensions to the physical senses of seeing, hearing and feeling. These are subtle senses that when developed allow the medium to communicate with Spirit people.



Declan Flynn CSNU sd



Declan has been working with Spirit since he heard his cousin Breda call out to him in 2004. After Breda passed Declan pleaded that if someone was there listening to him, that they show themselves to him. A few days later, he heard someone call out his name from one area of his bedroom.A few minutes later Declan got a call from his mother to say that his sister had woken up and told her that she had a dream of Breda. In the dream Breda had told Declan's sister' a message. Breda had kept a promise that she made to Declan in 1997, that no matter where he was, if he was in trouble, she will be there for him.

Over the years he has worked on developing his abilities by attending courses in the UK at the Arthur Findlay College and in 2016 he was awarded his certificates in both public speaking and mediumship demonstrations by the Spiritualist National Union in the UK.

He now works and teaches in Ireland, UK and other centres overseas serving Spiritualist churches and centres. 



Online Group Classes

Online group classes allows you to explore your understanding of your mediumship from the comfort of your own armchair. These are run weekly and you get to learn about the different aspects of mediumship which include

  • Understanding the mechanics of mediumship 
  • Practice doing readings with others that are learning
  • Explore spiritualism and the views of its philosophy
  • Explore meditation and creative means of connecting with Spirit
  • Online groups cost €45 for 5 weeks payable through paypal declan@irishmediumship.com. For alternative payment method email declan at the same address.
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One to one Classes

One to one classes are limited but they allow Declan to tailor make the lessons to suit your own development.  These can be in mediumship and trance mediumship. 

  • One to one classes cost €20 each or €90  for 5 weeks payable through paypal declan@irishmediumship.com. For alternative payment method email declan at the same address.


New workshop Trance Mediumship

Mediumship and altered states

One day workshop to explore different aspects of Altered states within your mediumship. First half of the day will explore making stronger connections with your evidential sittings to see about strengthening your blend with the communicator and what new information can be found.

In the afternoon we will explore trance mediumship to see if we can nudge you out if the way a little and allow bit more of your spirit team to be present. 

Oct 20th
Back to nature health store
Upper main St
Cavan Town

€60 for the day with €20 deposit by Sept 20th to secure a place. Pm for booking details and any questions.,

Call or whatsapp 0830021514 for booking details.



Mediumship Readings with Declan can also be booked for in person or online €25 for 20mins , €50for 45 mins, call 0830021514 or email declan@irishmediumship.com Readings are for mediumship / proof of Spirit readings,  no predictions, relationship or finances.

YouTube videos from Declan

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