A Fresh start and new challenges

Happy New year

I hope you had a great start of 2018. 

We all hear people around us talk about new year new me, and lets face it by end of week week 1 that's all completely forgotten and without any effort to put in to get the changes to start in the first place. 

I certainly failed at new years resolutions for years, then I realised that if your don't have the motivation, a get up and go attitude to do what you set out as a goal there's no point in even trying.  This is because you set a goal that's too big to begin with, rather than setting out stepping stones that will get you to the ultimate path you want to travel. 

Whatever it is that you want to achieve, break it down to manageable points to the goal and see the steps of progression along the way. This can encourage you to mentally and emotionally to keep pushing forward. 

I would also say try do something, even a couple different things that helps relax you, inspires you and lets you find new abilities and talents. Whatever it is you want to achieve, break it down, see it in stages rather than just the end goal.

It takes it is said 21 days to make something a habit, then gradually becomes a lifestyle, and then just a normal thing to do day to day or when required to.

At this time of year so many say they want to get healthier, fitter etc but after a couple of days give up. I definitely did for years then it was a photo that was taken in 2012 while teaching in Norway that I saw an image of myself that woke me up to loose weight and make a change. Within weeks I signed up to a fitness boot camp and within six weeks one stone of weight was lost. This six week period lit up a spark in me to push myself more, gradually but steadily. 

I struggled to go the gym like a lot of people, but as yrs went by, I worked with one trainer that helped me loose another two stone,  the gym became a normal thing to do and after getting sound and effective training and nutritional advise from another trainer/ coach,  these past two years, I am now training 4/5 days a week and love it, I sometimes now seek out gyms when I am travelling,  but for me its just normal for me to do now.

This year, my sixth year of training and learning,  I just want to push myself more with my fitness level and enjoy feeling healthier and happier.

 I also have a few other areas I would like to try:

1) Be more confident in learning and speaking Italian

2) Learn to swim

3) Learn to dance Bachata Salsa

This will be done by

1) Learning more Italian words and verbs so that i can have even a basic conversation with my sister who is a fluent Italian speaker

2) Be confident in the water, using the swimming pool in the gym twice a week at the end of a couple of my training sessions so that by December 2018 I can swim two lengths plus of the pool without stopping in the middle.

3) Bachata is a fun way to exercise and eventually look better on the dance floor when I'm in the salsa clubs in Italy when im over there.

Let me know what you like to try to do, if I can help break it down for you I would throw out a suggestion or two if it helps.


Above all things ENJOY IT!

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Keeping Mediumship Simple

Over the years I have tried many techniques and ways to explore my development and energy work. 

 There's so many approaches to this that I found it a bit confusing and getting frustrated with it when I felt it didn't work, I felt as if I wasnt progressing. 

Early days getting mixed up with chakras, colours of light around me and using these ritualistic approaches to open /closing chakras building up, closing off energy,  grounding etc. All getting complicated and confusing. 

 Over the last few years I have done things my own way and guess what? I've noticed my development get stronger, clearer and more defined. 

We often say ' I don't see / hear / feel Spirit' when we say this we actually prevent spirit from working these ways with you. When I changed my attitude and approach to say ' I do see/hear /feel Spirit' I started to see feel and hear more clearly. I'm at a point now where I just repeat what I hear and discribe what I see and feel and the evidence is very much there. 

I am at the moment a reluctant sitter to build power in the usual ways I teach others to do, but I see it as I build power all the time when I breath, when I work out I build my physical body, but I also strengthen my mental focus and therefore I build it within my soul too. In essence I build my soul power every day in all I do. 

My connection with Spirit I see it  like picking up a phone and dialing in to the other side of life.

When preparing for a reading, my routine is simple a cup of coffee, say a prayer of intention and gratitude as I put my thoughts out to those who wish to come forward and communicate with me for the client that is coming within the next half hour. 

Next I usually see one or two Spirit people walk into the room say hello to me, sometimes saying who they are and then I see them walk into the room where I do my readings.  

Simply as that, coffee to get me relaxed and ready, focused to work and then just have the conversation with them when their recipient arrives.  

For demonstrating, I still have my coffee beforehand, I focus my breath but as I breathe out I imagine my auric field is extending into the room.  I then use my clairsentence to feel the energy of the room and where I feel Spirit enter the room. Sometimes I see them appear, they may not say anything but often lately those ones I see before the demonstration come through as I am working. 

 What I'm trying to put across to you the reader is don't get yourself in knots trying to do too much, too many techniques for getting your connections to Spirit. Take your time, yes by all means use techniques you've come across on your development journey, but also make your development more personalised and right for you. 

Use the simple way of the breath to know you build steady strength in your soul self, that you don't have to do opening and closing of chakras for these always just flow anyway. They just flow a little bit more strongly as you connect with Spirit in an intentional 'work mode' then when you are finished they return to normal. Your soul does it itself. When I'm finished reading or demonstrating I just say a simple thank to the communicators and that's it.  

Try it out, see what you think and let me know how you get on. irishmediumship@gmail.com  



Get gardening 🌹

Spring is starting to be seen finally here in Dublin with sunny dry warm days starting to come our way.  Now is the time to start thinking about what you should look at planting for that great summer garden. 

 It doesn't matter if you have a huge garden or only have a balcony, you should try to grow a bit of colour and freshness on your doorstep. 

Potted containers are great for low maintenance and you can move them around putting whats looking best on show in pride of place. 

Have say three pots (odd numbers always look better) but use three different size pots . Use the taller pot in the back and put slightly larger plant in this one , preferably one that's evergreen for your structure and then place a few smaller plants at its base. 


Next mediums sized pot use something like a Dahlia , cosmos which are medium sized perennials or annuals mixed with beddings plants and trailing plants like Surfinia petunias. 

Smaller pot then use a geranium in the middle with smaller pot/ basket plants like Bacopa, petunias, million bells or lobelia. 


These three simple pots will look very effective in any corner of your garden or next to a recessed hall door in the archway. 

A Spirited Lunch

Well its always good to get away from what is the 'norm' in life and to enjoy a different setting.  I was over visiting my sister in the lovely part of southern Italy where she lives and where i truly feel at ease too when I am there. 

The first day that I fully had there this time, I went off and visited my two favourite coastal towns of Tropea and Pizzo that for me are warm and inviting even on a winter's day. On the beach in Tropea there is a small cave that the water just laps into gently and reflect the light around it. I've already been there twice before, but this third time the tide was in, but as it was 18C mild day summery day for any Irish person I did my own little bit of sun worship. The crazy little thing was that I was the only one on the beach for most of my hour there.  I must of looked like a mad man , with my towel laid out and just shorts on to the Italian family that eventually walked on the beach in duffer jackets and hats. Once this would of bothered me now it doesn't. 

As I lay there I spoke with Spirit and they gave me advice to take on board for this coming year and part of that is to go back to that wonderful beach more often in the future and just sit as i did for that hour listening to the gentle waves roll up onto the white sands. 

After this blissful afternoon my travel took me to Pizzo a couple of small towns up the coast and somewhere that I would consider buying a holiday home, but lets face it Tropea or here would suit me fine for that. 

I rambled along the walk to the town, finding my way up the twists and turns of the steep steps that lead the way to the main square of Pizzo. Eventually I had a nice meal  of pizza and local white wine too, you must when in Italy. 

This was a great relaxing day which after a quick dash back to meet up with my sister we headed to see the rest of my Italian family. 

Lunch the next day was a very normal affair, lovely people and great food as always. I am only learning to speak Italian so I gladly listen in and my sister translates for me what i can't say. Just as we were over our meal, I felt Spirit draw close and what was a passing moment to begin with ended up being nearly two hours of Spirit communication with a couple in Spirit I have met before and several more that I haven't . 

One spirit communicator joked that we were not expecting to be having lunch with the dead. The words from the spirit members rolled very clearly into my mind and even included a few Italian words that were understood when I said them, the rest my sister translated. Memories were shared and very particular photos described, which after they were mentioned I was shown them too. 

I was being pushed out of my comfort zone to  point that made it a new comfort zone of a very natural two worlds conversation. This just showed me the importance of training and development and being committed to Spirit. We can as mediums be the voice for those that have walked ahead of us and let them still be a part of everyday life here to bring healing and joy to those close to them. All we as mediums are is their phone line, operator and speaker phone,  their power dials the call and their thoughts are the conversation.


Pizzo, Calabria, Italy

Joys of Life

Do not weep for me,

Do not be sad,

Remember the fun and joys that we had.


The amazing nights out

And crazy situations.

To the cosy nights in

And loving contemplations.


Life is for exploring

And adjusting to the changes.

As we walk to the sea of never ending mazes.

Finding our pathways and finding ourselves

Learning to be able to know oneself.


So keep the party going

Dancing to the tunes of life.

And you will discover the rhythm that is right.

Photo by marekuliasz/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by marekuliasz/iStock / Getty Images

Eternal Progress Open to Every Human Soul

This principle has many layers within in that we can look at. It talks to us about our eternal aspect of life that if you look at it in one way we are not mortal beings but in truth we are immortal as we don't just simply die when we take our last breath on the physical earth,  we are transformed into our true self the self of the spirit within.


This is the  part of us that can never die for we all are a spark of divine light from the light of the creator our Father God. This light of the divine is impossible to extinguish and shines brightly within us all.


When we embrace this light within ourselves we can begin to recognise it in others too, for we have experienced the power within it and we can very naturally gravitate to others that also share the interest in exploring this aspect of self. We are in truth beginning to experience and explore the soul self.


The soul self is a mysterious part of you with untold layers of self discovery and self realisation.  


We know of the physical mental emotional and spiritual aspect of our beings but even within these there are layers to discover.  


Most of us would have experienced times when we had to dig deep in times of need and find strength within us that before those events we never knew existed.


Seeing that your mental willpower and determination can increase to get you motivated and focused is way to see that you are progressing in mental strength. I for one found it difficult to go the gym to finish a particular workout to begin with but with time and seeing changes in myself I began to not listen to the part of me that always wanted to give up, just grab a burger and just enjoy that instead which was much easier.  Honestly yes you are testing yourself and pushing your boundaries of how much to can change and commit to it to see further changes but that in the end is a great challenge that in my experience and opinion makes you evolve a better mental motivated self.


It is all about your wellbeing and this attributes then to progression of the emotional self. Allow yourself the opportunity to free your mind and truly feel the emotional aspect of your soul self. An aspect that is free from criticism,  and stress,  for it is an aspect of the soul consciousness that is filled with love. If we give time to pause, take the back seat to the journey in life we can give time to reflect and see things more clearly,  understanding the triggers to your emotions and slowly over time working with them establishing a healthy way of being and bringing in new perspective freeing the mind and emotional self to the greater aspect that all is possible and just needs that little perseverance to let it prevail.  


Over time when we explore these areas we being to explore once more and question the nature of life and our soul self. We can in turn become seekers of truth trying to understand meaning of our life to a degree but even with a very long life I'd say we only touch the tip of the iceberg to what that may be.


I asked Spirit about this and the reply is the all life is a school room and as the years pass you gradually evolve in thought and understanding and that when the bell tolls at your funeral you've reached the graduation of life's school into another way of learning and evolving.


We step out of our physical self and awaken into the reality of life eternal. We then begin to develop the understanding of our next stage of evolution with a greater awareness of self in a new way and in doing so we once more have progressed.


This progress is what our forth principle,  the continuatious existence of the human soul, is all about showing that we do live on. Our relationship with those that have made the great transition of life doesn't remove them completely from our life's as we can see through the demonstration of mediumship they are still involved in our lives and aware of what is happening since they passed their communication way has just simply changed.


This brings me to a very small simply put poem called Epilogue by Grace Nichols

I have crossed an ocean
I have lost my tongue
from the root of the old one
a new one has sprung


For me this poem has three elements in it.  when it  speaks of the ocean it speaks of the journey of our passing to the next chapter of life.


The aspect of losing my tongue is my voice in the world from the way I would always have known it to be. A voice that could be heard understood and covey my thoughts to others. This transition changes that but the root of my method of communication is still the same my consciousness.  


The final aspect of the new tongue is the progression of our ways to communicate with the mediums here through our soul self we learn to bring awareness and the language of the soul through the medium to let our loved ones know that we are still alive well and part of their journey.  Once more we demonstrate our belief of eternal  progression   


This communication gives strength again to our mental and emotional self, empowering us to live life and explore it questioning and seeking answers.


Life is full of mystery and intrigue it's there to be discovered.  You can over time see the power within your soul self and manifest what you really need. Through thought,  belief and conviction anything is possible,  for possibilities are endless once your set your heart and mind on it.


You have the same power in you know as you world when you reach the world of spirit,  so let yourself discover it and see that as our Father God created you in his image with the same power within you as him, you too are a creator so let yourself create.  


In doing this you see your soul power change and strengthen and you can feel more empowered and fulfilled.  


Take a few moments maybe every so often. Stop and rest,  see your progression and just how much you have evolved your ways of thinking and acting upon situations.

Know deep within you are eternally progressing every day mentally, emotionally and spiritually and whatever you do it know that you have made a great step forward.

Photo by bestdesigns/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by bestdesigns/iStock / Getty Images

Shine your Light

There is a universal cosmos within you     A particle of the heavens     For the light and composition of the stellar lights match the  lights within you.     Your soul is your cosmos     It is your light     Guiding you forward     Both through day and through night        It's a light the physical world cannot see     It is a light the physical world cannot feel     But remove your thoughts from this world for a moment and bare witness to the Light within        It is a universal power     It is your true nature     God given light that cannot be extinguished     Shine your light with pride     Allow it to glow and light the way     Take it to the dark spaces and illuminate it within others showing them the way        Your light is your guide and messenger     It is the engine for the journey of life     Nurture it     Feed it     Fill it with more light and when you are ready it will light the heavens again.     For you are Divine just like our Father God.     Shine your light and be the inspiration in the world you have come to be.  

There is a universal cosmos within you

A particle of the heavens

For the light and composition of the stellar lights match the  lights within you.

Your soul is your cosmos

It is your light

Guiding you forward

Both through day and through night


It's a light the physical world cannot see

It is a light the physical world cannot feel

But remove your thoughts from this world for a moment and bare witness to the Light within


It is a universal power

It is your true nature

God given light that cannot be extinguished

Shine your light with pride

Allow it to glow and light the way

Take it to the dark spaces and illuminate it within others showing them the way


Your light is your guide and messenger

It is the engine for the journey of life

Nurture it

Feed it

Fill it with more light and when you are ready it will light the heavens again.

For you are Divine just like our Father God.

Shine your light and be the inspiration in the world you have come to be.