Eternal Progress Open to Every Human Soul

This principle has many layers within in that we can look at. It talks to us about our eternal aspect of life that if you look at it in one way we are not mortal beings but in truth we are immortal as we don't just simply die when we take our last breath on the physical earth,  we are transformed into our true self the self of the spirit within.


This is the  part of us that can never die for we all are a spark of divine light from the light of the creator our Father God. This light of the divine is impossible to extinguish and shines brightly within us all.


When we embrace this light within ourselves we can begin to recognise it in others too, for we have experienced the power within it and we can very naturally gravitate to others that also share the interest in exploring this aspect of self. We are in truth beginning to experience and explore the soul self.


The soul self is a mysterious part of you with untold layers of self discovery and self realisation.  


We know of the physical mental emotional and spiritual aspect of our beings but even within these there are layers to discover.  


Most of us would have experienced times when we had to dig deep in times of need and find strength within us that before those events we never knew existed.


Seeing that your mental willpower and determination can increase to get you motivated and focused is way to see that you are progressing in mental strength. I for one found it difficult to go the gym to finish a particular workout to begin with but with time and seeing changes in myself I began to not listen to the part of me that always wanted to give up, just grab a burger and just enjoy that instead which was much easier.  Honestly yes you are testing yourself and pushing your boundaries of how much to can change and commit to it to see further changes but that in the end is a great challenge that in my experience and opinion makes you evolve a better mental motivated self.


It is all about your wellbeing and this attributes then to progression of the emotional self. Allow yourself the opportunity to free your mind and truly feel the emotional aspect of your soul self. An aspect that is free from criticism,  and stress,  for it is an aspect of the soul consciousness that is filled with love. If we give time to pause, take the back seat to the journey in life we can give time to reflect and see things more clearly,  understanding the triggers to your emotions and slowly over time working with them establishing a healthy way of being and bringing in new perspective freeing the mind and emotional self to the greater aspect that all is possible and just needs that little perseverance to let it prevail.  


Over time when we explore these areas we being to explore once more and question the nature of life and our soul self. We can in turn become seekers of truth trying to understand meaning of our life to a degree but even with a very long life I'd say we only touch the tip of the iceberg to what that may be.


I asked Spirit about this and the reply is the all life is a school room and as the years pass you gradually evolve in thought and understanding and that when the bell tolls at your funeral you've reached the graduation of life's school into another way of learning and evolving.


We step out of our physical self and awaken into the reality of life eternal. We then begin to develop the understanding of our next stage of evolution with a greater awareness of self in a new way and in doing so we once more have progressed.


This progress is what our forth principle,  the continuatious existence of the human soul, is all about showing that we do live on. Our relationship with those that have made the great transition of life doesn't remove them completely from our life's as we can see through the demonstration of mediumship they are still involved in our lives and aware of what is happening since they passed their communication way has just simply changed.


This brings me to a very small simply put poem called Epilogue by Grace Nichols

I have crossed an ocean
I have lost my tongue
from the root of the old one
a new one has sprung


For me this poem has three elements in it.  when it  speaks of the ocean it speaks of the journey of our passing to the next chapter of life.


The aspect of losing my tongue is my voice in the world from the way I would always have known it to be. A voice that could be heard understood and covey my thoughts to others. This transition changes that but the root of my method of communication is still the same my consciousness.  


The final aspect of the new tongue is the progression of our ways to communicate with the mediums here through our soul self we learn to bring awareness and the language of the soul through the medium to let our loved ones know that we are still alive well and part of their journey.  Once more we demonstrate our belief of eternal  progression   


This communication gives strength again to our mental and emotional self, empowering us to live life and explore it questioning and seeking answers.


Life is full of mystery and intrigue it's there to be discovered.  You can over time see the power within your soul self and manifest what you really need. Through thought,  belief and conviction anything is possible,  for possibilities are endless once your set your heart and mind on it.


You have the same power in you know as you world when you reach the world of spirit,  so let yourself discover it and see that as our Father God created you in his image with the same power within you as him, you too are a creator so let yourself create.  


In doing this you see your soul power change and strengthen and you can feel more empowered and fulfilled.  


Take a few moments maybe every so often. Stop and rest,  see your progression and just how much you have evolved your ways of thinking and acting upon situations.

Know deep within you are eternally progressing every day mentally, emotionally and spiritually and whatever you do it know that you have made a great step forward.

Photo by bestdesigns/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by bestdesigns/iStock / Getty Images