A Spirited Lunch

Well its always good to get away from what is the 'norm' in life and to enjoy a different setting.  I was over visiting my sister in the lovely part of southern Italy where she lives and where i truly feel at ease too when I am there. 

The first day that I fully had there this time, I went off and visited my two favourite coastal towns of Tropea and Pizzo that for me are warm and inviting even on a winter's day. On the beach in Tropea there is a small cave that the water just laps into gently and reflect the light around it. I've already been there twice before, but this third time the tide was in, but as it was 18C mild day summery day for any Irish person I did my own little bit of sun worship. The crazy little thing was that I was the only one on the beach for most of my hour there.  I must of looked like a mad man , with my towel laid out and just shorts on to the Italian family that eventually walked on the beach in duffer jackets and hats. Once this would of bothered me now it doesn't. 

As I lay there I spoke with Spirit and they gave me advice to take on board for this coming year and part of that is to go back to that wonderful beach more often in the future and just sit as i did for that hour listening to the gentle waves roll up onto the white sands. 

After this blissful afternoon my travel took me to Pizzo a couple of small towns up the coast and somewhere that I would consider buying a holiday home, but lets face it Tropea or here would suit me fine for that. 

I rambled along the walk to the town, finding my way up the twists and turns of the steep steps that lead the way to the main square of Pizzo. Eventually I had a nice meal  of pizza and local white wine too, you must when in Italy. 

This was a great relaxing day which after a quick dash back to meet up with my sister we headed to see the rest of my Italian family. 

Lunch the next day was a very normal affair, lovely people and great food as always. I am only learning to speak Italian so I gladly listen in and my sister translates for me what i can't say. Just as we were over our meal, I felt Spirit draw close and what was a passing moment to begin with ended up being nearly two hours of Spirit communication with a couple in Spirit I have met before and several more that I haven't . 

One spirit communicator joked that we were not expecting to be having lunch with the dead. The words from the spirit members rolled very clearly into my mind and even included a few Italian words that were understood when I said them, the rest my sister translated. Memories were shared and very particular photos described, which after they were mentioned I was shown them too. 

I was being pushed out of my comfort zone to  point that made it a new comfort zone of a very natural two worlds conversation. This just showed me the importance of training and development and being committed to Spirit. We can as mediums be the voice for those that have walked ahead of us and let them still be a part of everyday life here to bring healing and joy to those close to them. All we as mediums are is their phone line, operator and speaker phone,  their power dials the call and their thoughts are the conversation.


Pizzo, Calabria, Italy