Get gardening 🌹

Spring is starting to be seen finally here in Dublin with sunny dry warm days starting to come our way.  Now is the time to start thinking about what you should look at planting for that great summer garden. 

 It doesn't matter if you have a huge garden or only have a balcony, you should try to grow a bit of colour and freshness on your doorstep. 

Potted containers are great for low maintenance and you can move them around putting whats looking best on show in pride of place. 

Have say three pots (odd numbers always look better) but use three different size pots . Use the taller pot in the back and put slightly larger plant in this one , preferably one that's evergreen for your structure and then place a few smaller plants at its base. 


Next mediums sized pot use something like a Dahlia , cosmos which are medium sized perennials or annuals mixed with beddings plants and trailing plants like Surfinia petunias. 

Smaller pot then use a geranium in the middle with smaller pot/ basket plants like Bacopa, petunias, million bells or lobelia. 


These three simple pots will look very effective in any corner of your garden or next to a recessed hall door in the archway.