Keeping Mediumship Simple

Over the years I have tried many techniques and ways to explore my development and energy work. 

 There's so many approaches to this that I found it a bit confusing and getting frustrated with it when I felt it didn't work, I felt as if I wasnt progressing. 

Early days getting mixed up with chakras, colours of light around me and using these ritualistic approaches to open /closing chakras building up, closing off energy,  grounding etc. All getting complicated and confusing. 

 Over the last few years I have done things my own way and guess what? I've noticed my development get stronger, clearer and more defined. 

We often say ' I don't see / hear / feel Spirit' when we say this we actually prevent spirit from working these ways with you. When I changed my attitude and approach to say ' I do see/hear /feel Spirit' I started to see feel and hear more clearly. I'm at a point now where I just repeat what I hear and discribe what I see and feel and the evidence is very much there. 

I am at the moment a reluctant sitter to build power in the usual ways I teach others to do, but I see it as I build power all the time when I breath, when I work out I build my physical body, but I also strengthen my mental focus and therefore I build it within my soul too. In essence I build my soul power every day in all I do. 

My connection with Spirit I see it  like picking up a phone and dialing in to the other side of life.

When preparing for a reading, my routine is simple a cup of coffee, say a prayer of intention and gratitude as I put my thoughts out to those who wish to come forward and communicate with me for the client that is coming within the next half hour. 

Next I usually see one or two Spirit people walk into the room say hello to me, sometimes saying who they are and then I see them walk into the room where I do my readings.  

Simply as that, coffee to get me relaxed and ready, focused to work and then just have the conversation with them when their recipient arrives.  

For demonstrating, I still have my coffee beforehand, I focus my breath but as I breathe out I imagine my auric field is extending into the room.  I then use my clairsentence to feel the energy of the room and where I feel Spirit enter the room. Sometimes I see them appear, they may not say anything but often lately those ones I see before the demonstration come through as I am working. 

 What I'm trying to put across to you the reader is don't get yourself in knots trying to do too much, too many techniques for getting your connections to Spirit. Take your time, yes by all means use techniques you've come across on your development journey, but also make your development more personalised and right for you. 

Use the simple way of the breath to know you build steady strength in your soul self, that you don't have to do opening and closing of chakras for these always just flow anyway. They just flow a little bit more strongly as you connect with Spirit in an intentional 'work mode' then when you are finished they return to normal. Your soul does it itself. When I'm finished reading or demonstrating I just say a simple thank to the communicators and that's it.  

Try it out, see what you think and let me know how you get on.