A Fresh start and new challenges

Happy New year

I hope you had a great start of 2018. 

We all hear people around us talk about new year new me, and lets face it by end of week week 1 that's all completely forgotten and without any effort to put in to get the changes to start in the first place. 

I certainly failed at new years resolutions for years, then I realised that if your don't have the motivation, a get up and go attitude to do what you set out as a goal there's no point in even trying.  This is because you set a goal that's too big to begin with, rather than setting out stepping stones that will get you to the ultimate path you want to travel. 

Whatever it is that you want to achieve, break it down to manageable points to the goal and see the steps of progression along the way. This can encourage you to mentally and emotionally to keep pushing forward. 

I would also say try do something, even a couple different things that helps relax you, inspires you and lets you find new abilities and talents. Whatever it is you want to achieve, break it down, see it in stages rather than just the end goal.

It takes it is said 21 days to make something a habit, then gradually becomes a lifestyle, and then just a normal thing to do day to day or when required to.

At this time of year so many say they want to get healthier, fitter etc but after a couple of days give up. I definitely did for years then it was a photo that was taken in 2012 while teaching in Norway that I saw an image of myself that woke me up to loose weight and make a change. Within weeks I signed up to a fitness boot camp and within six weeks one stone of weight was lost. This six week period lit up a spark in me to push myself more, gradually but steadily. 

I struggled to go the gym like a lot of people, but as yrs went by, I worked with one trainer that helped me loose another two stone,  the gym became a normal thing to do and after getting sound and effective training and nutritional advise from another trainer/ coach,  these past two years, I am now training 4/5 days a week and love it, I sometimes now seek out gyms when I am travelling,  but for me its just normal for me to do now.

This year, my sixth year of training and learning,  I just want to push myself more with my fitness level and enjoy feeling healthier and happier.

 I also have a few other areas I would like to try:

1) Be more confident in learning and speaking Italian

2) Learn to swim

3) Learn to dance Bachata Salsa

This will be done by

1) Learning more Italian words and verbs so that i can have even a basic conversation with my sister who is a fluent Italian speaker

2) Be confident in the water, using the swimming pool in the gym twice a week at the end of a couple of my training sessions so that by December 2018 I can swim two lengths plus of the pool without stopping in the middle.

3) Bachata is a fun way to exercise and eventually look better on the dance floor when I'm in the salsa clubs in Italy when im over there.

Let me know what you like to try to do, if I can help break it down for you I would throw out a suggestion or two if it helps.


Above all things ENJOY IT!

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