Times are changing in Ireland and for many so is the concept of types of ceremonies that we do for our life events.  The word ‘Bespoke ‘ has been used a lot for these occasions by making them more personal and unique.


Over the last number of years I have worked as a Spiritualist medium and horticulturist,  two passions of my life.  A year ago I got inspired by Spirit to explore something different and new. This was funeral celebrancy and recently qualified as a Civil Funeral Celebrant with the Irish Institute of Celebrants.  With this role I would like to explore making that final celebration of life making it  more personalised,  reflecting the life and beliefs of the recently deceased.


These ceremonies are usually carried out at a crematorium but sometimes at the grave side or family home. These can be religious/ spiritual or non religious / purely civil ceremony depending on this wishes of the family or individual.  


The role of a civil celebrant is to meet the family and discuss the type of service they would like. Then I gather up the information about the deceased, what they were like, their life events and stories,  so that the service and eulogy can be put together. This can involve suggesting poems and verses also that may be reflective of their life too.

The final stage then as a celebrant is delivering the service in the crematorium or an alternative venue.  


A celebrant can also lead the prayers at the grave side and  ‘Month's mind’ or remembrance service at a family home or venue if a family wishes to hold such a service.


I believe we need to remove the taboo about not talking about our own funerals and planning for them.  We plan every other event in our lives, so why not have a say in your final event.  


I've spoken to family and friends about the songs and the poems I would like to use for my own celebration of life . Some other friends want to plan their own funeral already with me, even when they are very healthy and going nowhere yet. This brings them peace of mind and gives them the opportunity to have some final thoughts or philosophy to be family and friends that they would like to be remembered by.


If you like to find out more information about this process  by looking up my Facebook page Celebration of Life Funeral Services just email sccelebrationoflife@gmail.com or call 0830021514.