The Spirit Unfolds

Advance Mediumship Workshop

This is a day workshop to explore pushing your mediumship ability and stepping out of comfort zone. 

Do you feel the need to enhance your connection with Spirit?
Are you willing to put more evidence in your mediumship?
Are you willing to stand for Spirit as the best spokesperson you can be for them?

This one day workshop will explore ways to enhance your blend with those in the world unseen to work with you so that you can engage with them more easily when doing readings and demonstrating. 

If you find that your working alot one way anot not using your other faculties let yourself be free to investigate other ways of doing your readings adding new evidence to your reading. 
Clairsentience =Feeling
Clairvoyance = seeing
Clairaudience = hearing
Clairgustiance =taste
Clairolfactory = smell

Learn to manage working with more than one communicator at once as they can happen and with this part of the day you will learn to manage your power and control of the connection for this process. 

Will will also explore speaking philosophy of Spirit as I firmly believe that when you allow the words for inspirational speaking to flow, this aids in letting your readings flow as you learn to trust what you receive and simply deliver it.

This day costs €80 10am to 16:45pm tea, coffee cakes included. 

Deposit €35 due by March 10th Paypal or pm for postal order details. 

Location The Wisdom Centre, 
Sophia Housing Complex, 
25 Cork st Dublin 8

Parking is available on the main rd of Cork st , Newmarket sq and Donore ave.



Introduction to Tarot with Sue Smith

May 26th 19.30-22.30

Join Sue as she leads you through the meanings of the cards and some basic spreads to start your understanding of working with Tarot cards and who they cant ignite your psychic side too. 

Sue has over 15 yrs experience working with Tarot and from personal experience I would certainly recommend Sue for her tarot teaching and readings. 

This is just a 3 hr introduction session that can be explored more at a later date. 

Venue to be confirmed at the moment but it will be Dublin 8 just depends on numbers . This mini workshop is €40 tea and coffee provided. All you need to bring is a notepad and pen and your own Rider Waite Tarot cards as sue will go through each one with you. 

€15 non refundable deposit required to book a place by March 31st. 

Contact 0830021514 , pm or email

Channelling and past life workshops with Sue Smith (Meath)


Join Sue as she works with her very popular workshop of channelling and past life experience. 

Sue has a wonderful connection with Spirit and channelling is one of her ways that she works very well with. This allows you to explore working with your guides, listening to them and working on your confidence and trust as you allow yourself to write their words.

I believe that this methods helps enhances your mediumship as you develop better connections for preceiving evidence in your readings. 

This will be done in the Freemason Hall in Oldcastle Co Meath with Oldcastle Spiritual & Healing Centre 11am to 4pm costing €60. Deposit of €20 non refundable required to book a place by March 31st.

Paypal  or email same address for other method of a postal order. 

Call 0830021514 for any questions.