Declan Flynn CSNU sd



Declan has been working with Spirit since he heard his cousin Breda call out to him in 2004. After Breda passed Declan pleaded that if someone was there listening to him, that they show themselves to him. A few days later, he heard someone call out his name from one area of his bedroom.A few minutes later Declan got a call from his mother to say that his sister had woken up and told her that she had a dream of Breda. In the dream Breda had told Declan's sister' a message. Breda had kept a promise that she made to Declan in 1997, that no matter where he was, if he was in trouble, she will be there for him.

Over the years he has worked on developing his abilities by attending courses in the UK at the Arthur Findlay College and in 2016 he was awarded his certificates in both public speaking and mediumship demonstrations by the Spiritualist National Union in the UK.

He now works and teaches in Ireland, UK and other centres overseas serving Spiritualist churches and centres.